Drink Culture Culture Club Episodes

What is the Drink Culture Culture Club you ask?
The DCCC is a new way for us to grow our podcast as a business while simultaneously giving other businesses in our community an opportunity to tell their story. 

But isn’t that what you already do? Yes. Yes it is. BUT these episodes will be shorter in length and a bit more focused on educating our listeners on that business and what they do.

Why is the Drink Culture Culture Club important?
We are frequently approached by different businesses about sponsoring our show and having us read ads. The problem is, sometimes that business, product, or service is something that we haven’t tried or is too complicated to get the proper message across in a traditional 30-60 second ad read. We have created these episodes to serve as an opportunity to let them get their message out there, inform our listeners on what they do/what they offer, and then leave it up to you to decide if you want to connect with them or learn more. 

I’m interested, how do I learn more?
Answer the following questions to help us learn more about you and your business/product/event. We will reach out to schedule a time for a one on one conversation to see if the relationship is a fit for the Drink Culture audience.

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