How many cups of coffee does it take to run a successful business? The program 1 Million Cups reduces the number of coffee dates needed with its non-competitive pitch program designed to empower new entrepreneurs by using engaging crowd participation and community building. Although it's a national organization, Susanna Taft and Drew Kincius poured their energy and passion into starting the Indianapolis branch. Susanna - now the Marketing Lead, Entrepreneurship and Indy Economic Development at Indy Chamber - moved back to Indianapolis after spending time Chattanooga, TN providing support for social entrepreneurs. She saw the opportunity for 1 Million Cups to be the front door to Indy's entrepreneurial ecosystem and knew Drew would be the perfect leader. Drew - a small business developer with many witty Drew-isms - stepped outside of his comfort zone to host this brew-tiful event for the last two years. Pour another cup as you learn about the culture of entrepreneurship in Indianapolis, how to ask a question that provides value, and more about this millennial craze called the Enneagram of Personality. Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you this week with Susanna Taft and Drew Kincius from 1 Million Cups.

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The drinks we tasted...
Circle City Kombucha - Blood Orange
Circle City Kombucha - Raspberry Hibiscus

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