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Our mission is to highlight local business owners, thought leaders, and other area personalities who have made the city of Indianapolis what it is today. We want to ‘drink in the culture’ of what Indianapolis offers and share those stories with you, the listeners.
The Goal: To explore the intricacies of the city we call home and share our findings with you.

We believe that drinking socially is one of the things that keeps societies connected. To that end, Drink Culture is also the celebration of the spirit, comradery, and the business of drinking your favorite beverage.  Whether you enjoy spirits, wine, beer, coffee, La Croix, or something in-between we want to capture the essence of the social leveler that we call drinking.  Drink Culture is a call to action, an invitation to live your life by our motto to "drink deep of the culture that surrounds you" and we invite others to do the same. 

We hope that you will join us on our journey to discover the people and places that make our community so extraordinary.



We are a couple of dudes with an intense passion for beer, bourbon, food, and conversation. We are both huge fans of Indianapolis and want to learn more about our city and the people who make it so special. Jared is a small business owner (@naptownfitness) and entrepreneur who enjoys traveling, constantly talking to his wife about whiskey, and treating their dog like a human.  Fabian is father to a Persian cat named Waffles (@therealwafflekitty) self proclaimed beer nerd, amateur photographer, and all around man of mystery.... well maybe not the last part. They are both curious Indianapolis natives who want to embark on a journey to discover the nooks and crannies that make the Indianapolis community unique.


The Official Podcast of Indianapolis!
Interviewers & Influencers of Indianapolis! 


Jared Byczko 

Moved to Indianapolis in August 2003 to play Division 1 soccer at IUPUI.  Originally from Merrillville, IN but now calls Indy his home.  

Graduated from the Kelley School of Business- Indianapolis in December in 2007 and moved to Chicago.  Worked on a few mobile marketing tours with Playstation 3, reverse-retired in St. Croix for six months, and attempted to be a triathlete.  

Finally found his forever home back in Indianapolis in 2011 when he opened up CrossFit NapTown in October 2011 with his business partner.  Since then they have expanded to NapTown Fitness and it includes CrossFit NapTown, Practice Indie Yoga, and NapTown SWIFT.  


Fabian Rodriguez

Originally from the Chicago area, Fabian moved to Indiana when he was 13 to attend Culver Military Academy and has been a Hoosier ever since. After high school he attended Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN where he would eventually meet his wife. 

His creative endeavors began while attending Purdue. First, a short lived rap career as one half the group, Sellout. He then went on to find some regional success with his electronic improv jazz band, Sixdollarsuit where he pretended to play the keyboard and worked as band manager/booking agent putting them in venues throughout the Midwest. 

Fabian moved to Indianapolis in 2010 where he grew to love the city working downtown in sales and finance. His passions include finding new breweries, listening to records, talking to interesting people, and doing things that get him out of his comfort zone. Fabian and Jared met at Crossfit Naptown where they bonded over fitness, bourbon, and beer.



Hayley Brown

After four years at Butler University, the small-town Illinois native has decided to stay in Indianapolis for the next two years as an Orr Fellow. Hayley studies marketing at Butler University and has a marketing consulting firm for rural hospitals to help reduce medical deserts. During her time at Butler, she was captain of the women’s swim team and spent time making magic as a Cast Member in Walt Disney World.

Hayley joined the DRNK CLTR team after aspiring to do a similar podcast and discovering that Jared and Fabian beat her to it. Rather than becoming competition, she decided to reach out to them for pointers and they welcomed her onto the team.  

Hayley loves Indy and taking in all it has to offer, including trying every coffee shop in the city and networking with local entrepreneurs. She is currently obsessed with yoga, probiotics, and being eco-friendly. And her rabbit, Bella.