The Drink Culture Podcast highlights the stories of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and creators who are shaping the culture of Indianapolis. Our mission is to inspire and strengthen communities through storytelling. Listeners will drink in the culture of Indianapolis through the stories we share and find new ways to engage with the city we call home.

During the episodes, we not only share stories, but we also share a drink - spirits, wine, beer, coffee, flavored water, or something in-between. Sharing a drink promotes community - it breaks down barriers and builds connections.  The natural conversation that ensues as a result of this connection helps disguise education as entertainment.

Take a sip, press play, and join us on our journey to drink deep of the culture that surrounds us.


In April 2017, Fabian texted Jared “Do you want to start a podcast?” The two started recording episodes about some common passions - beer and whiskey. They quickly realized they didn’t know enough about either topic to fill a podcast on their own, so they transitioned to interviewing experts in the food and beverage industry. As their network grew, so too did the podcast. The topics became broader and the guests came from a wider range of industries. The Drink Culture Podcast as we know it today was born (At that time, the DRNK CLTR podcast).

Starting in January 2018, the Drink Culture Podcast brought on Hayley and has since grown brand awareness that grabbed the attention of more popular Indianapolis business leaders, including Chris Baggott, Martha Hoover, and Gerry Dick. The growth positioned Drink Culture Podcast to truly be The Official Podcast of Indianapolis.

In January 2019, the podcast rebranded from DRNK CLTR to Drink Culture Podcast for instant recognition by listeners about why our company was started: for people to drink in the culture of our city. And in July 2019, we rebranded our tagline to #knowyourcity and became The Official Podcasts of Communities.

We continue to be passionate about using storytelling as a form of education to get people to learn, engage, and give a shit about their communities. And, to be some of Indianapolis’ biggest cheerleaders.