The tables got turned on this week’s episode. We sat down with the guys from DRNK CLTR to talk about a bit about Shift Drink, and about our “day jobs”. We drank some Jamaican rum & French wine, discussed our lack of importance in the world, uppity sommeliers, rum’s increasing popularity, and how the Midwest is (mistakenly) perceived as flyover country.

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Being Vulnerable with Your Customers
"The dudes from Drnk Cltr podcast stop by to hang out with us and chat about small business shenanigans. We get the inside info on how they started their podcast and soon we found ourselves in a very spirited debate about the role of the owner (podcast/brewery/gym) and how important it is to give their stories to their listeners/customers.

This was a really fun episode to record and even though we didn't get to most of the silly pop culture talk our listeners have grown to expect from us, I think this is a great conversation with several different opinions for anyone interested in starting a business to listen to.

Plus we don't swear as much as usual. You're welcome, mom."

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This week we chat w/ the guys of DRNK CLTR. They are a podcast centered on showcasing amazing companies doing great things in the Indianapolis Area. They know their stuff and know their community in a huge way. We discuss the importance of getting out there and trying new things and for business owners, not letting yourself wait around for your dreams, but instead go for it. Make sure and follow them on Instagram @drnkcltr. Thanks again for listening and make sure and join us at our new location in Carmel, IN. If you would like to be featured on the next episode or have questions to share, email us at


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