Do you know what's in your water? After the Flint, MI water scandal, Megan Glover saw the opportunity to use her talents from working in the Indianapolis start-up and marketing community to solve an immediate need. The Depauw graduate grew up in a small town in Northern Indiana and moved to Indianapolis after college to work at Angie's list. After working in many marketing roles - including at Compendium with our alumni Chris Baggott - and starting her own marketing company in 2015, she realized that there was a need for residential America and moms like herself to know what is in their water. In 2016 she started 120WaterAudit. Since then, she's won national and international pitch competitions judged by world-class business professionals. Dive into learning about the water industry and how you can protect your home, the benefits of starting a business in Indianapolis, and what it's like to get business advice from the Obamas. Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you this week with Megan Glover of 120WaterAudit!

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