When you think of “The Cookie of Indianapolis,” what comes to mind? The big glass jars of the famed Oatmeal Maple Pecan cookies from 4 Birds Bakery that sit by the register of your favorite local restaurant. Jenna Gatchell, the owner of 4 Birds Bakery, began her professional culinary career at Chef JJ’s learning how to prep, cook, and present food. As the company grew, so did her cooking and business know-how, and after 11 years, she was eager to run her own business. When the opportunity to purchase 4 Birds Bakery was presented, she didn't even take the offer seriously. Now she can’t imagine her life without the famous cookie that is in over forty locations from Westfield to Bloomington. Take a bite as you learn about Jenna’s growth philosophy for 4 Birds Bakery, why she isn’t in the retail business, how she creates 4 Birds Bakery’s other products, and about 95-year-old street food connoisseur in Thailand who makes fried lobster omelets. Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you this week with Jenna Gatchell of 4 Birds Bakery.

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The drinks we tasted...
Hotel Tango Straight Rye Whiskey
Hotel Tango Charlie Cherry
Hotel Tango Romeo Rum

The food we tasted
Lots of 4 Birds Bakery cookies

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