450 North Brewing Co. 
Columbus, Indiana

Website: http://www.450northbrewing.com
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/450northbrewingcompany/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/450northbrewing/

Brad Brookbank – Sales:  Has been at 450 North for 2.5 years.
Brian Pine – Assistant Brewer: Has been at 450 North for 11 months.
-Home brewer for 12 years. 

Story of 450 North Brewing
Owners - David and Brenda Simmons – 178 Years Ago as family farmers.
Simmons Winery established in 2000.
David was gifted a home brew kit came in 2010 and fell in love with it.
Opened 450 North Brewing in 2012
-15 beers on tap
-5 Ciders on tap: Gnarly Grove Hard Cider

First IPA created at 450 North Brewing – Scarecrow
Started with 6 taps and has evolved into 20 taps. 

2015 Citra Fest and Galaxy Fest
2016 Juice Box and Dank Candy IPA
2017 (March) Hazy, dank IPA: New England Style IPAs

Hard to find New England style IPA here in the Midwest. 
-16oz cans don’t travel as well as 12oz cans. 

420 Juice Story – Why it was allocated and why it sold out so fast.

Beers! Artwork!
CODO Designs- Indianapolis based design firm.
Started with them on Day 1 when distribution began at the end of 2013/early 2014. 

Lupulin Powder: Reduces the grassy, vegetal notes. 
What is Lupulin Powder?

What is Dry Hopping?
Dry hopping is the process of adding hops, usually in secondary, to a beer to add more of a hop aroma to your beer. Traditionally, dry hopping is done in beer styles like pale ales and I.P.A.’s, but people are utilizing this process in many other styles as well. Since you are not boiling the hops, you won’t be extracting any of the oils from them, and therefore will not be contributing to the beer’s bitterness. What you will be adding are hop flavor and aroma. Seeing that almost 75% of human taste comes from smell, then you can see why people take this extra step with their beers. If you are a big hop fan, dry hopping is a must.
Source: https://www.midwestsupplies.com/media/pdf-printouts/what_is_dry_hopping.pdf

Milkshake IPA Style: 
-       Tired Hands:  Marketed as a Frappe Double IPA. 
-       Similar to tasting a beer in the fermentation process. 
-       http://www.tiredhands.com


Fruity Nuggets – 4.02 on Untapped
Citra Rainbows – 4.23 on Untapped

How do you make a Hazy IPA?  What is 450’s process?

Great Eclipse – Brewed in conjunction with total eclipse that is coming on August 22nd.

Buyout Controversy Discussion

What beer got you into Craft style?
Brian – Anchor Steam
Brad – Guiness while on a trip to Ireland in high school.  Then when returning to the states it was New Castle.


Tasting Session:
Simcoe Rainbows
5.5 pounds of hops per barrel.

2017 Corn Maze Beer Fest – September 23rd.
Buy Corn Maze Fest Tickets!
VIP tickets = 90 minutes before General Admission.
VIP = Free Crowler
After Party of the Corn Maze Beer Fest – Beer garden will be open.  Will be open to the public starting from 5pm-9pm.


Contact Info:

8111 E. 450 North
Columbus, IN 47203

(812) 546-0091