Anna Rode
Programming and Coaching Director
NapTown Fitness: CrossFit NapTown

CrossFit Athlete : CrossFit Level 3 Coach : Yoga Teacher
CrossFit Games Page:

24 Years Old

What is CrossFit?
Constanty Varied, functional movements performed at high intensity.

When did you start CrossFit? 
Started at 13 years old. 
Wanted to get specific with soccer but needed something to vary up her training.  Her dad Googled ‘bootcamp’ and the rest is history. 
Born in Chelsea, Michigan. 

Played Division 1 Soccer at IUPUI on scholarship for 4 years. 
-ZERO severe injuries(one ankle sprain in seventh grade)
-Not scientifically backed but she is a strong supporter in using a general physical training program to help prevent injuries and make you well rounded. 

One piece of advice for someone interested in CrossFit? 
-       Just try it! (Available for all levels)
-       Smoker Story
-       Parents are CrossFitters in their late 50s. 

Why did she get competitive with CrossFit?
Anna trained at the same gym as Julie Foucher who is one of the sweathearts of CrossFit.  Julie has since retired from competitive CrossFit and is now a doctor.

CrossFit as a Sport vs. CrossFit as a Fitness Program

A Day in the Life of Anna Rode:
Before 6am: Wake Up
Eat! Make a smoothie or eggs and bacon (something small).
6am: Go coach for 2-3 hours.  Eat!
10am: Go home for an hour.
11am: Train for 2.5 hours.
1pm: Meetings for work.
2pm: Train Again. Eat!
4pm: Coach some more.
6pm-8pm: Anna time.
9pm/10pm: Bed Time. (Goal is 9pm).
GAME OF THRONES will keep her up!

What Motivates You?
Knowing that there is still so far to go. 
Even after doing CrossFit for 11 years she still sees constant improvement.
-Pushing hard for a 200# Snatch.
-Two Years ago she was pushing hard for a 200# Clean and Jerk.
Snatch Movement:
Clean and Jerk Movement:

Fabian’s #s vs Anna’s #s!!!!  Who is stronger?

How do you feel as a Strong Woman!
-Maximize her human potential. Who cares what you look like.
Tattoo- ‘Beauty in Strength’ – Being proud and confident in all of her strengths.  Staying true to her beliefs and values.

“Like a Girl” – The phrase and why she hates it.

Does the confidence from lifting translate to your everyday life?
-       Goal oriented person.
-       How her path has changed.
-       Living a life she is happy with.

Who do you look up to as a Mentor?
-       Close knit community of people rather than just one person.  Takes little things from many different people. 

Yoga Instructor: Practice Indie Yoga
Started Yoga as a complement to CrossFit training.  She wanted to use it for the physical aspect of mobilizing. 
            -After practicing with Shannon she realized yoga can be fun. 
            -The mental aspects became a huge part.

 Why Indianapolis?
-Wanted to move to a city.
-Moved from a town that everyone knew everyone.  Graduated with less than 200 people. 
-Hates traffic and gridlock.
-Lives 1.5-2 miles from her workplace.  Takes less than 5 minutes to get to and from work.

Favorite Restaurant?
Favorite Breakfast Joint?
Favorite Coffee?
Favorite Ice Cream Shop?
Favorite Outdoor Patio?
Favorite Disney Movie?
Favorite Musical?

How do you find the balance of being strict on yourself and also letting loose? 
-Time of year is a big factor.
-January to May: Serious Time
-Summer: More fun.
Favorite Drink? Oberon or Gumballhead
Favorite Cocktail? Mimosa at Garden Table

If you had to leave one App on your phone what would it be?
What are your recovery tools?  Pre-workout? Post-workout?
-Stronger, Faster, Healthier Products (SFH)

Tasting Time:
Fit Aid Recovery
Fit Aid RX
Kill Cliff – Berry Legit - ***
Formula O2 – Orange Mango

**Disclaimer:  We are not paid by any company for our views and opinions. 
***Disclaimer: Kill Cliff has since changed their product line and branding so the Berry Legit is now Blackberry Lemonade.