Behind every great business is a strong woman, like Ashley Brooks. After co-founding Milktooth, she focused her efforts towards food insecurity in Indianapolis. Ashley became an ambassador for The Patachou Foundation, founded her hospitality design company - A.Rose - and started one of our favorite festivals, Baby Got Brunch. We recorded with her in the new Bluebeard spot that is currently being renovated above Amelia's to house visiting chefs. OH, and she co-founded the Garfield Park Farmers Market. A strong woman, right? She's also a mom to a son who may or may not have been born in the room we recorded in... You'll have to listen to find out! Drink deep of the culture around you this week with Ashley Brooks of A.Rose .

Fall Fest at Newfields
Indy Women in Food

What we tasted at Bluebeard - Monkey House 2.0

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