Jason Wuerfel may have both played on and owned minor league baseball teams, but his brewery and taproom - Books & Brews - is in a league of its own. Before classic brews like the Clifford were created, you could find him behind home plate competing with the top names in baseball. His love of the game never faltered, so he decided to start his entrepreneurship journey with owning a minor league team - the Traverse City Beach Bums. Jason enjoys creating an experience for customers, which lent to his success with the Beach Bums since minor league games are about engaging the audience with the full product, not just the sport. He brought his talents and this concept to his Indianapolis business, Books & Brews, where his goal is to create a place for people without a place. Now he franchises a number of locations, has been featured in a New York Times article, and has a podcast called Nano Brew. Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you this week with Jason Wuerfel of Books & Brews! 

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The drinks we tasted...
Secret Treasure of The Hops 
Kanga Kraken Rum Barrel Aged Brown Ale
Nancy (Previously named: Nancy Brew and The Hoppy Boys)

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