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Skylar started brewing in his kitchen while living in Portland. 
-from the Pacific Northwest originally. 
-the "Brewer". 

Matt moved to Indianapolis in 2012 for his corporate job.  Loved the growth and everything happening in the city. 
- volunteered for non-profits while in Indy. 
- worked for a bit (volunteered) at local breweries, Sun King and others to learn about Indiana businesses.  
- the "Everything Else" of the business.  

They met through a mutual friend "Freddy" who said they would work well together and pitched them the idea of starting a Kombucha company here in the midwest (Indianapolis specifically) 


What is Kombucha: 
Kombucha is simple. It’s a delicously effervescent fermented tea.  Deliciously healthy, lightly-caffeinated, low sugar drink packed with Vitamin B and probiotics.

Our Kombucha sodas are made with reverse osmosis filtered water, all organic Rishi Teas, evaporated cane juice, and a rotating cast of 100%, organic juices.  Even our sweetest flavors contain a fraction of the sugar found in traditional sodas and energy drinks. (

SCOBY: (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast)
A scoby is the living home for the bacteria and yeast that transform sweet tea into tangy, fizzy kombucha — think of the scoby as the coral reef of the bacteria and yeast world.

Holistic Health Beverage: 
1) Bacteria - probioitcs, healthy bacteria for your gut and digestive system.
"jet pack for your stomach."
2) Organic Ingredients - clean, fresh juices.  
3) No Added Sugars - better than a sugar laden soda/pop.  


Market Leader – Indianapolis-Metro (click here to apply)
The Market Leader position is a full-time role that is Circle City Kombucha’s brand &
culture ambassador within the specific geographic Market. The Market Leader is a
critical part of our mission to Craft Midwest Lifestyles with our Feel Good Soda.

Brewery Production Support (click here to apply)
The Brewery Production Support position is a full-time role at Circle City Kombucha’s
East Indy location. This position will be a key part of the process to brew, create, and
package kombucha to help us achieve our mission to Craft Midwest Lifestyles with our
Feel Good Soda.

Events & Marketing Leader (click here to apply)
The Events & Marketing Lead position is a full-time role that is Circle City Kombucha’s
focal point for the coordination of the brand plan and the events program. The Events
& Marketing Lead is a key member of the team that will build out the story & future of Circle City Kombucha.


Tasting session: CIRCLE CITY KOMBUCHA Varieties
Peach Blossom: where it all started.  CCK's base flavor.  
Blood-Orange: Small batch flavor. 

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