Today on the Menu: ClusterTruck’s fresh, hot, local food served right to your door with a side of DRNK CLTR. Chris Baggott is reinventing food delivery with ClusterTruck, but it took many lessons learned during his years of entrepreneurship to be in the position he is today. We cut into Chris’ background to learn how a struggling student found his passion while teaching people how to kayak at the most liberal college in the nation. If you only think of Chris as the founder of ExactTarget and ClusterTruck, you’ll be surprised to see a full plate of start-ups from dry-cleaning businesses to farms on his resume. Chris’ passion for supporting Indy’s local economy has made him a familiar name in the city, and after listening to this episode, you’ll understand why he deserves the recognition. Drink deep in the culture of your city this week with Chris Baggott of ClusterTruck.

Taste Test: 
Gin & Tonic - Tanqueray
3 Floyd's - Necron 99 

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Central State Brewing

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