Daniel Herndon’s story is one that reminds us of how many non-traditional paths have excellent outcomes, that a career is a concept, not a necessity, and how grit is essential for success. Daniel grew up as one of twelve children in the Sunshine House, his home during the week and a public music venue on the weekends. Although homeschooled, the variety of guests that would attend the music events at his home exposed him to many cultures. Daniel was a natural entrepreneur and was always creating jobs for himself. His family couldn’t afford the curriculum necessary for him to finish high school, and without college experience, he still received an internship with the University Loft company. Daniel eventually felt that his creativity was being stifled in the business world and started a band that he worked for full-time on for 1.5 years. As many musicians do, he learned the business side of music and eventually transitioned into marketing. Today, he owns MilesHerndon, which helps brands with branding and marketing strategy, and Gavel. Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you this week with Daniel Herndon from MilesHerndon and Gavel.

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