When's the last time you explored Indianapolis west of the river? Central State is only five minutes from downtown and has the same amenities at affordable prices. Looking to purchase a new home? Derek Naber from Holladay Properties is developing this area into the place to be! Located on the property of the old Central State Hospital, the neighborhood has charm and history unlike any other neighborhood in Indy. Sip on a coffee at the Cafe Mansion, take your dog on a walk through "the Grove," or relax by the pool at the Central State Mansion.  Other cool places: Indiana Medical History Museum, People for Urban Progress, and United State of Indiana.  Derek - a lover of architecture and CrossFit (in the "Pain Cave") - shares his story and why he decided to invest his talent in Central State as Indianapolis' "new" up-and-coming neighborhood. In this episode, you'll learn about the past, present, and future of Central State, some spooky stories, and how you can be part of the growth of the city! Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you this week with Derek Naber from Holladay Properties and Central State.

Learn more about Central State and Derek Naber...
Central State Mansion Website
Central State 317 Website
Derek Naber's LinkedIn

The drinks we tasted...
C2O Coconut Water + Espresso
Vita Coco Sparking Lemon Ginger Coconut Water
C2O Pure Coconut Water with Pulp

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Central State Brewing


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