What is DeveloperTown?
- 30,000 sq. feet in Broad Ripple with 70+ tiny houses
- Started in 2010 as a consulting company helping new tech startups launch products into market. SaaS, mobile, etc. 
- 2013 Pivot to work with larger companies to help with cash flow
- 2016 split into 2 divisions: DeveloperTown & DeveloperTown Starts
-OG DeveloperTown works with enterprise clients for cash
-DeveloperTown Starts works with startups for equity
- Concept was inspired by Pixar Documentary

Who is Mike Kelly?
- Started independent consulting in college
- Loved consulting and did it for 10 years after college.
- Went on to get his MBA, because why not. 
- Got his undergraduate degree in CS from Indiana Institute of Technology in Ft. Wayne, IN
-MBA from Keller, Part of DeVry university

But what about culture?
- There has been a culture shift to open work spaces. 
- Well, everyone got it wrong! Creative work thrives on being outside of the blender and being able to focus, free from interruptions. Bring on the tiny houses!
- When the house light is on, do not disturb. 
- Employees can collaborate when they are ready at community tables
- Collocation matters! Face to face communication is they way to win. 
- Revel together! Hang out with each other, the small things add up. 
- Buddy lunches, because who doesn’t love a free lunch and time spent together makes a difference. 

What makes Developertown a forward thinking company?
- They took cool ideas from companies already doing cool things (buddy lunch)
- Some ideas were created internally
- Provide more interesting work, work with great friends, and have nice perks to keep top talent. 

Why Indianapolis?
- Cost of living…. This is sort of a common thing now :)
- Being a boutique firm is a competitive advantage in this market, regarding rates. 
- The culture in indy is super inviting and supportive. Great access to other leaders and their time. “The rising tide lifts all boats” mentality. 

Obstacles in Indianapolis?
-Direct flights!
-Maybe access to capital….. but who doesn’t want more funding?


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