Get “adjusted” to a comfortable position to listen to the “best voice on the podcast,” Dr. Charbel from Integrated Health Services and Cryotherapy Indy. Over a few margaritas, we discuss his story that begins in Lebanon during the Lebanese Civil War and ends with him investing in the health and wellness of Indianapolis with his chiropractic practice. Dr. Charbel leads us through his journey to medicine and to more obscure treatments, like cryotherapy. You’ll be impressed by his abilities and discipline and how special his overall spirit is. Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you this week with the story of the Integrated Healthcare Services & Cryotherapy Indy with Dr. Charbel.

Integrated Health Solutions

What we tasted at Sangrita Saloon:
Classico Margarita
Picante Margarita
El Hulk Margarita
La Trindad Flight
Bison Quesadilla & Cowboy Caviar

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