Chris Eley:
Goose the Market, Smoking Goose, & OCA

Goose Market
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Smoking Goose
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Whats your story?
10 Year Anniversary this year. 
Started washing dishes for the Sahm Family when he became interested in cooking.  
Grew up in Indianapolis.  Went to Lawrence Central High School. 
Went to culinary school right out of high school. 
Moved to the Virgin Islands and worked at the Westin Resort as a cook on the island of St. John.  
Moved back to the states to Purdue to learn more about business.  
Started with Peter George and worked the Indy food scene from 99-2002. 
Moved to Chicago and worked with Lettuce Entertain You. 

Why Indianapolis for Goose the Market? 
Networks and connections.  He would know the electrician, the regulations, and just felt comfortable. 
The city was ripe for impression back in 2008 (and still is).  
Making an impact on a city that will notice that change versus getting lost in a bigger city.  

Why the location on 25th and Delaware? 
Chris's sister recommended the location as she was living near by.  
They wanted to be urban and in the city.  
Trendy Minds, Transformation Fitness, and a few others were around back in 2007. 

"This is great I love it but too bad you won't be here in a year." - Customer in 2008

Smoking Goose
The downtown meat locker where they cure and smoke meats, salumi, and sausages.  
We partner with small, family farms in Indiana and neighboring states raising animals as nature intended: no Gestation Pens, Antibiotic Free, 100% Vegetarian Feed, No Growth Promotants.

Recently opened inside the Sun King Tasting Room located downtown on College Ave. 
-Oca serves ready-to-eat sausage dishes, platters, and cheese + charcuterie boards inside Sun King Brewing. Grab a pint and a plate to eat in or order "to go" with your growler.

What is the Enoteca? 
The basement of Goose the Market.  Wine and beer for sale (they sell beer singles!)  
Somewhat of a speakeasy feel with charcuterie and cheese boards available.

James Beard House Experience
On Friday, January 19th he teamed up with some of the best in his business to present "The Craft of Charcuterie."

I Made My Shed the Top Rated Restaurant on Trip Advisor
If you have some time read this...**

Tasting Time - Food! - Charcuterie and Cheese Board
Lomo -
Jin and Juice Salumi -
Blue Cheese Variation

Cheesemonger: A person who specializes in cheese.  Equivalent to a sommelier.

Blue Indy - NOT A FAN!

Tasting Time - Drinks!
Bean Counter: Taxman Brewing w/ Tinker Coffee
Bean Counter is a rich coffee brown ale aged with Taxman blend coffee beans roasted locally by Tinker Coffee Co. coffee beans that are hand roasted just before the brew, Cocoa nibs and Mexican vanilla beans perfectly complement the coffee flavor, making this a deliciously bold brew to ease the transition from fall to winter.

Vermut Rojo Lustau w/ a slice of orange and ice: