Two artists meet at a bar… Fortunately, this week’s episode is no joke because we hear the stories of Illustrator Joey Potts and Animator and Art Director Sara Jean Potts from Guide & Anchor. Sara’s story starts in upstate New York, where MTV inspired her interest in experimental film and led her to move to Chicago for school (#trainball). Joey went to school in Baltimore for illustration before moving to Chicago to get plugged into its art scene, which is where he met Sara while she was bartending. During their time in Chicago, Sara started an experimental film festival and even worked for Oprah, and Joey became the beer label artist for 18th Street Brewery. After craving financial freedom to take control of their careers, the two decided to move to Indy, and Guide & Anchor was born. You will now find Guide & Anchor designing for many local businesses, including Tinker Coffee Co., Brewers of Indiana Guild, and even Drink Culture Podcast. Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you this week with Sara Jean and Joey Potts from Guide & Anchor.

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