It’s time for our Hoosier history class with the creators of Hidden Indy: Jeff Carl and Blaine C. Zimmerman. The Hidden Indy podcast explores the story of how Indianapolis came to be from the voices of cool people. Learn about what it takes to start a podcast, how they navigated their connections to piece together Indianapolis’ history in just 10 episodes and sneak peaks into what stories are told on their podcast (like how and why the Colts were moved to Indianapolis!!). Jeff and Blaine simply began recording themselves drinking beer during lunch and now have a masterpiece because they started doing something they were passionate about. Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you this week with the story of The Hidden Indy Podcast with Jeff Carl and Blaine C. Zimmerman.

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Tase Test at St. Joseph Brewery:
Painted Preacher
Confessional IPA

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