It's time to start practicing your best runway strut because Indiana Fashion Week is launching this June! Tune in to hear Hoosiers Dlang Ferguson and Mich(ael) Weston tell their stories about how they emerged in the fashion industry and launched INDFW. Dlang, a full-time researcher, began creating and sewing clothing as a teenager and has produced a line or a show nearly every year since. Mich(ael) started his career as a pastor in Indy. After moving to North Carolina, he found a new calling as a brand manager for designers. Indiana Fashion Week was dreamt up by Dlang and she used the power of social media to be at the right place at the right time to meet Elliot Carlyle - a client of Mich(ael)'s. As fellow Hoosiers, her and Mich(ael) connected immediately and have been building Indiana Fashion Week ever since. Learn about the fashion industry in Indianapolis, how fashion has evolved since the influence of social media, and about the national recognitionIndiana is receiving for its launch into the fashion world. Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you this week with Dlang Ferguson and Mich(ael) Weston of Indiana Fashion Week! 

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