Need an energy boost? You'll get one from this week's episode because Indy Chamber's CEO, Michael Huber, has an infectious personality. The blooming musician may have an impressive resume - which includes working in both Mayor Ballard and Governor Mitch Daniels administrations - yet his story begins in a small Illinois farm town. Michael's love for music started when he was young and has grown into a desire to bring back Indianapolis' identity as a music city (previously jazz). However, that's not all that's on his mind. Take a peek into how the Indy Chamber supports 2,000 local businesses while writing proposals for Amazon's HQ2, how Indianapolis' growth is similar to some of your other favorite cities like Nashville, and how he is working to bring Indianapolis an identity to attract a more diverse city. Drink deep of the culture around you with the story of Michael Huber of Indy Chamber.

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