Want to meet Indy’s cheerleader? Check out our interview with Molly Chavers, the executive director of IndyHub and No Mean City, mother, and pilates instructor. How did she find time to meet with us? We gave her some La Croix. Six flavors to be exact and tested her tastebuds for flavor accuracy. Take some time to learn about what’s happenin’ in Indianapolis with Jared, Hayley, and Molly and Drink in the Culture.

  • Molly's definition of success: "Success to us is getting people involved in the city."
  • Why Indy?: "You can live in Indianapolis, own your own home, and travel the world. Not all cities can provide that."
  • Molly’s advice on getting involved: Get to know the people who will be helping you make a difference and be honest about how much time and financial donations you can comfortably give. But, make the donation because it shows your commitment to making a change. 

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Video of Indianapolis According to Tony Styxx

This is Home - Indianapolis

Tasting Time!
La Croix: Lime, Lemon, Passion Fruit, Mango, Coconut, & Cran-Rasberry
Molly’s Old Favorite: Passion Fruit
Molly’s New Favorite???: Mango
Jared’s Favorite: Coconut
Hayley’s Favorite: Water

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