Jake Koeneman

Central State Brewing


Tongue & Cheek Food Truck

22nd Street Diner

The Team:
“It all started with a brewery…”
Business to business to business.

How do we get back to local?
Trickle down economics.   Pay a decent living wage to employees so they can then go out and spend money within our community.  
Future – 5 Years from now:  Goal of 60 Full time/Part time employees. 

“A Day in the Life of Jake”
445am-530am:  Alarm clock = George (one year old dog) wakes them up.
6am-8am: Catching up on emails.  ‘Eat the Frog’
9am/930am – 430pm/5pm:  Office time at Salesforce.  Manages a team of 18 people working in Global Processes.
5pm: Come home and let the dogs out.
5pm-730pm/8pm: Traveling around to the different businesses catching up on the day’s happenings.
7pm-9pm:  Making dinner at home.
9pm-11pm: Catching back up on emails. 

Life/Family Rules:
Mondays & Wednesdays:  Cooking together at home.  Being together.
Tuesdays & Thursdays:  Reserved for business meetings and work.
Weekends:  Work or Personal Travel

Good Beer Hunting: http://goodbeerhunting.com
Uppers and Downers: http://goodbeerhunting.com/projects/uppersanddowners/
Michael Kiser
Steven Morrissey – 2008 World Barista World Champion

Coffee and Jake
Dark Matter Coffee - https://www.darkmattercoffee.com
-       Relationship cultivated
22nd Street Diner Coffee Vision: Serve Honest Coffee
Goal: Take out window with quick serve breakfast. 
-       Espresso Machine has arrived!

Jake’s Gift
How are you able to build and develop relationships? 
Where did this come from? 
-Football – Wabash College
-Consulting - Learning the proper ratio of your ears and your mouth.  Listening more than you speak.
-Mom: Taught math at the Indiana Blind School for 25 years.
-Dad (Larry) – Indiana Golden Glove, on the board for 30 years.

International Sign of “I AM BUSY” = EARPHONES
-Last seat of the bar or sitting at the four top.

Success at the Indiana Brewers Cup
1st Place: á point Collaboration with Neil Brown
2nd Place: Table
Koelschip- Best Beer Bars 2016: Midwest

Feedback: SBI – Situation – Behavior – Impact
Situation: When you do this.
Behavior: This behavior impacts me this way
Impact: Here is what I think we should so about it. 

Coffee Tasting:
1)   Market Fresh – Cold or Hot – Vanilla:  Cold Brewed in Jared’s fridge.
2)   Foundry Cold Brew – No Ice, poured to the top.
3)   Nitro Cold Brew – Dark Matter
4)   Hot Brew – Dark Matter

Natalie Roth – 22nd St. Diner Coffee Manager
            -Relationships built worldwide.