It’s time to answer our whiskey-burning questions about Indiana Alcohol Laws with Jenny Drewry. Where did the “No Sunday Sales” law begin? Why does Indiana allow “happy days” versus “happy hours”? And, what’s safer: walking around with a beer can or a red solo cup? The former Boilermaker and prosecutor for the ATC answers our questions and provides a nice reminder that Indiana Alcohol Laws are not as backward as we may think. You’ll find yourself slipping into this episode quicker than Fabian falling at his first wedding anniversary #FabianStory. Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you this week with the story of Indiana Alcohol Laws and our guest, Jenny Drewry.

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Craft Distillery Law Change Article Indy Star:
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Jenny Drewry Instagram: @JennyDrewry (Don’t worry, she’s not the excise)

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