What were your biggest challenges when you were sixteen? Finding a prom date? Acing the AP Bio exam? If you were Jeremy Miller, it was balancing your books for your first business. Jeremy discovered entrepreneurship as a vehicle for helping others and building community while searching for an escape from depression. He was sixteen when he opened his first custom longboard business that focused on also creating a safe space for young people to talk about life. Although the business closed with a deficit, he was drawn to entrepreneurship because of his love of adventure and inspiration from his mentors. Being a fearless asker, he found himself at the turning point in his career before graduating high school - at a convention only experienced marketers attended to learn life-changing, forward-thinking marketing tactics. The skills he acquired launched him on a fast-paced adventure that included a free trip around the US in a Subaru, marketing for NASA, and being in 50 magazines by the age of 18. As he reflects in this week’s episode, the early success forced him to make some decisions that led him to transition his career and work with the STARTedUP Foundation. Drink in the culture that surrounds you this week with Jeremy Miller of the STARTedUP Foundation.

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The drinks we tasted...
Natural Born Juicers

Ultimate Greens
Sweet Beet
Grapefruit Spring Cleaner
Citrus Attack

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