Coffee shops aren’t about the caffeine boost or delicious pastries, it’s about coming together as a community in a third space. Josie Hunckler started Rabble Coffee on East 10th Street only 3.5 months after graduating college. At 15, she began working in West Lafayette coffee shops and her goal when graduating from college was to get a “normal job” to pay off her debt and then open a coffee shop. Her family encouraged her to pursue something that made her happy even if it didn't make money, so her brother-in-law co-signed on a loan to pursue her dream. Three and a half months later, Josie opened Rabble Coffee with only $20 left in her personal bank account. Rabble Coffee - meaning "the people" - embodies social entrepreneurship to offer her neighborhood a third space.  Josie has leveraged Rabble Coffee as a community space using art, giveback programs, no purchase requirements, barter schools and more to encourage relationship and skill building in the space. With great humility, our most requested guest shares the stories of risking robbery, saving lives, and focusing on providing value to the community. Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you this week with Josie Hunckler of Rabble Coffee.

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