Can we get a Go Dawgs?! Listen to this week's episode with your furry friend and an ice cold Schlitz as Kurt Phillips - a Butler graduate - shares the story of City Way Animal Clinics and Square Cat Vinyl. At the age of 29, Kurt bought his first vet clinic with little experience running a business. His best executive decision: Change the culture in vet-patient interaction by spending more time building relationships with patients and their owners. His vet businesses grew quickly and in 2016 he decided to invest in a creative outlet with Mike Angel (on this episode) and Patrick Burtch called Square Cat Vinyl. Located at the heart of Fountain Square, Square Cat is a record store, music venue, and coffee/alcohol bar. In this episode, learn how Kurt balanced being both a practicing vet and business owner as his locations and patient base grew, about the future of Indianapolis' neighborhoods, and how to survive Bonnaroo. Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you this week with Kurt Phillips from City Way Animal Clinics and Square Cat Vinyl.

Learn more about Kurt Phillips...
City Way Animal Clinics Website
Square Cat Vinyl Website

The drinks we tasted...
Peanut Butter Mocha
Golden Matcha Latte
Solid Gold - Founders Brewing Company 

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