"Serving others is a privilege," and it shows. From each magical piece of cinnamon toast to The Patachou Foundation that has served nearly 30,000 meals to food-insecure school children this year, Martha Hoover is serving Indianapolis through her empire, Patachou, Inc. Our first course introduces the state of the food scene in Indianapolis when she opened Cafe Patachou in 1989 - a truly revolutionary idea.  And how she's leveraged that platform to educate others on practices that are important to her.  You may think you know why concepts like sustainability and treating employees well are important to Patachou, but when you consider the time and resources it takes to see it through, it truly requires an exceptionally passionate person to lead the projects. We also capture a glimpse of Martha outside of her decadent restaurants as she shares about the enchanting experience her and her husband recently encountered on a ranch in New Mexico. Note: All of this was discussed in a candlelit music lounge called Bar One Fourteen - which is also owned by the Patachou, Inc. Dig into this episode like your favorite Napolese pizza and drink deep of the culture around you with the story of Martha Hoover of Patachou, Inc.

What we tasted at Bar One Fourteen - Chomsky

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