There’s another Hunckler building community in Indianapolis? This week we chat with Matt Hunckler about the entrepreneurial career that led him to accidentally start Powderkeg. Matt, brother to alumni Josie Hunckler of Rabble Coffee, spent his youth designing buildings, desirous of being an architect. While visiting friends at IU during his freshman year at Purdue, Matt would drop-in to the #1 rated entrepreneurship school in the country where he learned how concepts like accounting and finance were the building blocks of a business. As you might expect, Matt transferred to IU, where he started his first business after listening to alumni Scott Hill's presentation about his experience as an entrepreneur. After graduation and while in the Orr Fellowship, he started a group called Verge for entrepreneurs in the tech space to get feedback on their projects. It wasn’t his intention for it to grow, but it’s now a comprehensive, curated platform to connect the right people to the right culture in tech. Specifically, in areas that do not have a dense population of talent. Take a sip of your Hotel Tango whiskey as we learn about how vital culture match is to employee retention, about the growing tech community and industry, and the struggles of growing a lifestyle business. We even have a special, uninvited guest who tunes in. Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you this week with Matt Hunckler of Powderkeg.

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