"You can live in many spaces." Rap artist, teacher, emcee, DJ, and Vice Principal, Mr. Kinetik, also known as Marc Williams, shares his story of how his passion has led him to be a leader in all of these spaces. When Marc was 15, he began freestyle rapping with his friends under the name Mr. Kinetik. The Butler Bulldog aspired to follow his stage name and pursue a degree in physics but turned to Recording Industry Studies after recognizing that it was his true passion. After graduation, Marc realized that money did not motivate him. So he worked in odd jobs, including making jingles for Bass Pro Shop, before finding his calling through the Teaching Fellows program. During this time of personal discovery, he recognized that every job is important. Even if it's working in the mall, there should be no shame in needing an income. Now he's changing the culture in Indianapolis as an educator by representing the 2% of black male educators. Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you this week with Marc Williams.

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