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Sake 101
-Sake is brewed. Brewed like a beer and the mash is rice. 
-Tradition: You NEVER pour your own Sake.  You always pour for the person you are drinking with. It is bad form to pour for yourself. 
-There are grades of Sake. 

* - The better quality grade. 

Sake References:
Sake References:

Shochu - Distilled Spirit: Rice Distillate
-The most consumed spirit in the world.  
Shochu References:

"Birth of Sake" -

Ukiyo - Neal's next big project!
Ukiyo is a restaurant inspired by Japan and the world more closely around us. We make every attempt to only menu fish from sources that value sustainability as much as we do. We rely heavily on the farmers, foragers, mycologist, beekeepers, artisans, and neighbors in our area.  Ukiyo offers a la carte dining, a casual Kaiseki experience, and a reservation-only Omakase. Opening December 2017 in MidTown. 

4907 College Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46205

Sake & Shochu Tasting
TYKU Sake 
TYKU Shochu
Nigori Sake - like a 'wheat beer'.  


Rapid Fire Questions
Go to spot to grab a coffee? 
Favorite dish you've ever eaten? 
Favorite dish you've ever made?
Favorite restaurant other than your own? 
Favorite place to grab a drink? 
Favorite book? 
Favorite movie? 


á point - Central State Brewing 

Farmhouse Ale

Brewers and chefs have a lot in common, they love new ingredients, they love to experiment with them, and they love to bring joy into peoples' lives through the use of flavor and aroma. WE brewed this beer using toasted rice, wild rice, buckwheat, Indiana sumac, and grains of paradise. Complex yet drinkable, this is the perfect beer for the end of a shift on the line or after a long brew day. A collaboration with Chef Neal Brown


Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 4.10.37 PM.png