New Day Craft
Brett Canaday – Co-Founder:  Head Mead and Cider Maker
Tia Agnew – Co-Founder: CEO
(They are married!)


Tasting Room:
1102 Prospect St, Indianapolis, IN 46203
Production Facility:
Located in Circle City Industrial Complex.

Incorporated in 2004.
Didn’t start producing until 2005.  
-Technically opened to the public for 12 years this year.

What is mead?
A beverage that utilizes honey as the base source for fermentable sugars to turn to alcohol.   Honey and different fruits that are co-fermented to make a delicious alcoholic beverage.

What is hard cider?
An alcoholic beverage that is made from fermented crushed fruit, typically apples.

How did New Day Craft begin?
Started on a farm in Elwood, Indiana (one hour north of Indianapolis) where they kept 10-12 colonies of bees as a hobby. 
Brett- graduated from Purdue with a background in food science/food chemistry in the juice and beverage industry.  Beverage product development.
- Brett- Sixth generation farmer.

“A hobby gone terribly wrong.”
-As scientists they were both traveling all over the country and they needed to find something that would keep them rooted in Indiana.
-The first five years they spent traveling to farmers markets 4-5 times a week.  Most sales came from verbally describing the product because they weren’t able to do tastings at the farmers markets because it is against the law. 

2009- Tia and Brett decided they wanted to enter civilization and be closer to customers. 
Drove back and forth for two years, as the production facility was still located in Elwood.  That equaled 20 hours a week of driving to keep the tasting room up and running.  

Starting a business:  It’s a privilege, but not always sexy!


The Team
Brett has one full time staff member for production.
-       Bottling days they have 2-3 part time (on call) staff members.
Tia ran the tasting room full time but now does Sales. 
-       Michelle runs the tasting room full time. 
-       One full time staffer under Michelle.
About 15 total people employed by New Day Craft (part time and full time)

New Day Craft – Like a family!
“We are selling booze but really creating a community.”
-       Firing a staff member
-       How do we keep that culture (community) but continue to expand.

Distributed through Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.
They will eventually hire more sales staff to ramp up distribution. 

Why Fountain Square?
“Up and coming and we (the business) could be great for the neighborhood.”
First summer: All sidewalks torn up all around the tasting room. 
 -Walking the plank.
Second summer: Tore up all of Virginia for the Cultural Trail. 
The first two years in business it was a construction war zone!
-Massive support from other local businesses in Fountain Square.  

The Growler Incident!

Cider is a niche in the craft beer market.
Mead is a niche within a niche.   Almost an unknown category. 

Meadful Things and Outciders Fest
New Day Craft's Meadful Things and Outciders Festival is Indiana's only festival specializing in Craft Mead and Hard Cider from Around the World.

hen: Saturday, September 2, 2017, 2 PM - 6 PM (VIP) & 3 PM - 6 PM (General Admission)
VIP = $60
GA = $50
Designated Driver = $10

Where: Circle City Industrial Complex, 1125 Brookside Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46203 *Free Parking!*

The Details:
Unlimited Sampling of over 150 varieties from 40+ Mead and Cider Makers
Commemorative Glass
Music by DJ Mike Graves
Food Vendors: La Margarita, Bee Coffee, Black Metal BBQ, and Citizen Hash
Experience Vendors: Palm Reading, Henna, and Tarot Card Reading
Adoptable PUPPIES & KITTIES for Snuggling (Thanks FACE!)
Photobooth to capture all your best moments
All Attendees MUST BE 21 or Older - NO Children or Pets Please
Valid Photo ID to Confirm Age is Required for Entry
All Tickets Must Be Purchased in Advance, NO DAY-OF SALE

Future For New Day Craft
-"Expanding the line in the specialty arena."
-Some collaborations coming in the future.  Stay tuned...

Where do you see New Day Craft in 5 years from now? 10 years from now? 

Tasting Time
Specialty Varieties - Aged Version Series
Barrel Aging Program

Gin Barrel Aged Shelby Blue Ribbon:  11.5% ABV - Aged in Knickerbocker Gin Barrels from New Holland Distilling in Holland Michigan.  Strawberry Rhubarb Mead. (2nd release of this variety) 

Bourbon Barrel Aged John Chapman: 12.0% ABV - Black molasses. 
(Original John Chapman- Apple Ciders infused with Sorghum. )

Cardamon Breakfast Magpie:  Cardamon used a lot in eastern cooking.  Familiar place to find it would be Turkish coffee, dishes, and deserts.  

Imperial Breakfast Magpie:  Bourbon Barrel Version of Breakfast Magpie.  This variant spent 14 months in bourbon barrels (primary Angels Envy). 
Halfway to Imperial Day - in May for Imperial Breakfast Magpie (Barrel Aged Version) 
Imperial Breakfast Magpie Day - Black Friday.