What is the Brewers of Indiana Guild and what do they do?
- Founded in 2000 by John Hill of Broad Ripple Brew Pub, the longest running brewpub in Indiana. 
- Focus is on 3 Main areas
- Help lobby to change legislation. Growler sales on Sundays… Thanks Guild!
- Marketing for breweries and festivals
- Education: Indiana craft brewers conference. Brings Indiana brewers together, outlet for camaraderie and to share knowledge. 
- Currently about 150 breweries in the state
- App is the best way to stay up to date!
- Non-Porfit. Fundraisers for charities.  

How did you get started?
- He has been with the guild for 3 years. Brought on by Clay Robinson of Sun King. 
- Had a great idea for a beer trail app
- The stars aligned plus some hard work got him his position as Communications Manager. 

What is the Beer Brigade?
- Enthusiast Program, started in 2016 to help support Indiana Breweries
- Huge Start! 1st beer release was Corn King IPA, brewed by 3 Floyds and other NW Indiana breweries. Used locally grown and locally malted corn from Sugar Creek Malt Company.  
- The beers are a collaboration between the Guild and the host brewery/ breweries in that region. 
- Base membership is $40/year: Tons of free goodies, chance to buy collar beer. 
- Premium membership is $70/year: everything in base + complimentary carry out of that years beer. 
- Sign up for multiple years to save that $$$ and lock in your beer. No FOMO!

Craft vs. Crafty
- Recent trend in beer. Big guys (ABinBev) buying up small local craft breweries.
- Small independent breweries taking action with the help of the Brewers Association to create the Independent Craft brewer Seal. 
- The seal helps consumers differentiate craft vs “crafty”
- Festivals are crafty too. Also owned by the big guys. 
- No charity involved with those festivals. The guild gives back with every ticket sale. 
- Support your community, get to know the people and places around you!!!

How do you feel about sell outs?
- fundamentally a question of ethics
- Jared is a capitalist
- Likes to read old interviews with to see what brewers/owners said before selling out. 

Will we see a buyout from one of our local breweries?
- Not going to guess but we have some well positioned players in Indiana. 
- The guild had bylaws on this topic. It’s definitely being talked about. 

The Tasting:
450 North Brewing Company: Super Juicer
- Daredevil Brewing Co
- 18th Street Brewing 

https://drinkin.beer/app/ - download the app
http://indianabeerfest.com/ - Buy tix for the 22nd Annual Indiana Microbrewers Festival
https://loyalty.drinkin.beer/ - Enlist in the Brigade today!