CODO Design
Isaac Arthur & Cody Fague


Indiana Humanities Building
1500 N. Delaware St.
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202

The Beginning:
Cody and Isaac met at the Herron School of Art + Design in 2006. 
Internship experiences. 
- Isaac was at a large design firm. 
- Cody was at a large PR firm. 
"The Account Manager" Dilemma - Isaac and Cody wanted to work directly with the customer as designers.  
-Started with a 10x10 space for Isaac and Cody.  

Located in the Indiana Humanities Building:
(The building is not open to the public.)
CODO Design - Staff of five people located in the basement of the Indiana Humanities Building. 

First Projects / Clients:
John Dillinger Exhibit, Humane Society, Little Red Door Cancer Agency, Indiana Artisan, and then finally the Indianapolis City Market (which was their transition into craft beer in 2010).  

SCORE: Free Small Business Consulting, Education, and Mentoring


The Transition: To Make Profit
Tomlinson Tap Room -
The only place in town you can get growler fills of other breweries.  
Ben Hunt - Manager of Tomlinson - Beer aficionado.  He will lead you in the right direction and tell you if something is good or bad. 

Drinking Balance - The early struggle of always having beer (clients) in front of them.  Over time they learned they needed to bring more balance because they aren't 21 anymore. 
Work & Life Balance - Established early on that at 5:00pm or 5:30pm it is time to shut it down.  Their industry encourages "burning the midnight oil" and they don't because work will become shit.  
- The Laptop Problem! 
- A Desktop will help you clock out and leave.  (Disconnect and create barriers)

How do you create different work amongst all your clients and projects? 
Have you every held back an awesome design for a bigger client? 

The Union 50 story:

Neenah Paper:
The Story Behind the Book
-Create a one stop shop on how to approach branding, promotion, web design, etc. 
-Should we charge for this book?
-Should we make people put in their contact info to get the book? 
(**Disclaimer** The book is now sold out. )

Legality of Branding - CODO has put in their contracts that clients must seek out IP (Intellectual Property) lawyers to make sure they are legit.  
- Fruity Nuggets Question:
- Great Divide Brewing Company Situation

Bourbon County Brand Stout
Goose Island Beer Co. 

Rapid Fire Questions