Lindsey Hein
Host, I'll Have Another Podcast

Twitter: @LindseyHein

Who is Lindsey Hein?
“Runs” a local podcast, “I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein”
Podcast host, Mother of 3, Wife to Glenn.
Originally from Bloomington, went to IU
Degree in Applied Health Science, dreamt to be a dietician

What is your background in running?
Started running cross country in high school
Gave up after last meet in High School
Ran first half marathon in college
Has run 14 Marathons to date
Running is important for her and her husband

Have you ever seen anything crazy in a race?
Accidents happen…..No shame

Tips for race day
Take Immodium, plugs you up. & You probably don’t need to stop when you think you’re tired. 

David Goggins Episode -

Half Marathon PR Time: 1:32 & Full Marathon PR Time: 3:11

What is your prime age for running?
Depends on who you are and what your training has been. It’s never too late to peak

How did you get started with coaching?
Worked for non-profit on the Near East Side at the John H Boner Community Center.
worked with senior citizens to walk 5Ks, then trained a few for the Mini-marathon. 
Joined Team Legacy, part of the Super Bowl project with Tessi Lloyd Jones.
Trained students from Arsenal Tech to run the Mini-Marathon.
Worked for Back on My Feet - director of communications.

How did the podcast come about?
Started as a blog and met other girls doing the same thing.
Started listening to podcasts in 2015, specifically Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey-
Was looking for other running podcasts to listen to
Overwhelmed and confused by the audio recording at first but just kept at it
Has never missed an episode since starting.

Where did the name for the podcast come from?
Started with a text chat group with her sisters. Had over 100 names.
Younger sister suggested I’ll Have Another and Make it a Double.
I’ll have another…. whatever you want another of. 
My theory…

Getting it done is better than perfect. Don’t wait until it’s perfect to start something. 

Recent blog Post -

Find companies that fit your audience.
It’s a full time job, need to get paid.

Drink Culture Exclusive!
She is starting a network …. 4 shows under her network.

Women’s Running Magazine cover model
2014 contest - Find Your Strong.
Training for first half iron man with Jake from Central State.
While training found out she had the BRCA-2 gene mutation. Puts you at high risk for breat cancer and ovarian cancer. Then made the decision to have a prophylactic double mastectomy. Being brave was getting the test, not the mastectomy. 

How many times have you ran the Boston Marathon?
2 times
Qualified for Boston Marathon during her 1st marathon!

Tasting time - IPA: India Pale Ale
Line up from Central State Brewing

  1. Too Shallow for commerce -
  2. Chester -
  3. Land Yacht -
  4. Oatsplosion -

Rapid Fire:
Favorite breakfast?
Favorite place to run in Indy?
Hot or cold weather for running?
Favorite book?
Favorite podcast?
What are you currently obsessed with?