Nick Hinton
Founder & owner of Hinton's Pig Chips


So what is a pig chip?
The single most difficult question asked on a daily basis!
Somewhere between a pork belly and pork crackling
A snackable version of a hispanic chicharron. A long strip of crispy pork skin. 
The kettle chip of pork rinds

Tell us about how you started
March of 2017, Back on a ketogeic diet -
Sick of puffy pork rinds
Doctored up some promising looking store bought pork cracklings. 
Gave some to his wife, and she approved! 

Fast growth!
He was a mad scientist and didn’t sleep very much. 
Knowing the right people at the right time to help him out. 

What motivated you to move forward? 
King of getting in his own way. 
Listening to motivational material. Podcasts, reading books. 
Getting into the right headspace
Wanted something that he could say, “I did this”. 
Willingness to fail

Was there a big investment upfront?
Family and kids help out
A lot of time investment
No capital to start with. Piecemealed everything
Started small and worked up as business evolved. 

How did you meet your wife?
18/19 years old at the time
Was napping on a couch and he woke up to her standing in his living room. 

Obstacles with moving from kitchen to a commercial kitchen?
Some red tape and hoops to jump through
Artie was a big help at Indy’s kitchen 

Where do you source your skins from?
Turchetti’s Salumeria -

How important is instagram to your business??
HUGE / Critical. Access to influencers
Tait Fletcher -
Keto Connect -

Tell us about the Keto diet
Basically low carb, high fat. 
Perfect keto diet is made up of 4 parts Fat to 1 part Carb and Protein. 
The body switches from burning sugars to burning fats
Huge energy benefits. 
Great for losing weight.

What's up with the price of your pig chips?
Using the highest quality product
All pork is Indiana sourced, pasture raised. Heritage breeds aka, heirloom pork! 

How do you manage your roles and responsibilities?
Cousin helps cook. 
Wife helps stamp bags. Kids help out too….. sometimes. 
A lot of spinning plates
Will need to hire someone soon to focus on other things. 

1 million cups -
Somewhere between shark tank and a mastermind session
Lots of questions being asked and hoping to find good feedback from entreprenuers.
Open thing that anyone can show up to. Wednesday mornings 8am - 9/9:30. 
Quick 6 minute presentation

Whats your favorite role within the company?
Being the one to make decisions.

Stop being so fancy. Be humble
Doesn’t take a salary
working a part time job. Something with transferrable skills. 

Tasting session: Irish Whiskey
Teeling Whiskey -
Redbreast 12 year Cask Strength -
Knappogue Castle Single Malt Irish Whiskey 16 year old Twin Wood -

Rapid Fire:
Favorite brunch spot?
Favorite drink?
Favorite Podcast?
Favorite restaurant?
Favorite Instagram you follow?
Favorite spot to grab a coffee?
Favorite part of Indianapolis?
Favorite book or documentary?
Future guest recommendation?

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