Think of your career path. Who helped you step-up to that next level? Likely a mentor. Dave Neff helped build EDGE Mentoring to create whole life intergenerational mentoring for personal, professional, and spiritual growth. Millennials are lonelier and more professionally unengaged than past generations; how can we fix that? Dave is tackling the problem with mentors and mentees in over 40 states. However, his career began with selling tickets for the Indiana Pacers. The relationships he built turned into mentorships and then career advancements, including a role as Global Marketing Programs Manager at ExactTarget. Experiencing the value of connections for the growth of professionals, Dave took a risk and stepped out of the corporate world to positively impact lives. Tune in to learn about mentorship capital, managing a global branch of a company, and how to balance entrepreneurship and your faith. Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you this week with Dave Neff of EDGE Mentoring.

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