When's the last time you visited Conner Prairie? If it was for your fourth-grade field trip, you're in for a treat. Norman Burns, the CEO of Conner Prairie, invited us to the Golden Eagle Inn to share colonial time appropriate cocktails, his story, and the story of Conner Prairie. Norman 's passion for studying history was sparked in his youth. He spent time with his grandparents in Tennessee listening to and learning about the human experience through stories of his grandparents' friends and neighbors while out and about. Fast forward through years spent in college and working in Virginia, Norman is now CEO of Conner Prairie and shares with us the intricacies of how they create a historically accurate place for people to engage with the colonial times in Indiana. Conner Prairie is named after William Conner who built the brick home on Conner Prairie's property; however, don't forget about his brother because he may still be haunting the location to this day (off the record, of course!). Learn about the economic impact of Conner Prairie in Indiana, their activities from tomahawk throwing to hot air balloon rides, and the conclusions from our hot-topic conversation on the comparison of the U.S. government's recognition and support towards historic preservation and education versus the rest of the world. Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you this week with Norman Burns of Conner Prairie.

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The drinks we tasted...
Milk Punch
Conner Prairie Buck

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