If you were to write down the things you’re stressed about, money is most likely on that list. What if your financial advisor was paid a salary, not a commission fee? Kyle Thompson and Drew Feutz - self-termed financial nerds - share the story of their journey to Market Street Wealth Management where they use their shared passion to help others. Kyle’s high rankings throughout college put him on the path to the “Big Four.” After breaking news with his previous company that left him looking for a job in 2015, he felt like he was free to choose a company that spoke to him and decided on Market Street. Drew began interning at Market Street during his junior year at Indiana State University where he graduated Summa Cum Laude. His Financial Planning and Investments double major and midwestern roots made Market Street a perfect fit after he graduated in 2015. Kyle and Drew are now on Market Street’s teams that provide comprehensive financial planning on a fee-only basis. Market Street’s philosophy for investment management is evidence-based, where they track indexes and invest your money the same way they would invest theirs. They even have a program for young professionals called Foundations. Kyle, Drew, and the team at Market Street are passionate about building financial confidence through sincere guidance and a proven track record, and it shows in how passionate they talk about their job and the impact they make each day.

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Market Street Wealth Management Advisors, LLC (MSWMA) is an independent "Fee-Only" SEC Registered Investment Advisor founded in 2001.