Channel your inner Van Gough as we dive into the diverse backgrounds of two of the artists selected to participate in Jiffy Lube's Every Part Matters arts initiative, Pamela Bliss and Ish Muhammad.. Pamela, who is most recognized for her Kurt Vonnegut and Reggie Miller murals, grew up in Indiana constantly drawing. Influenced by her math-loving father, she approaches her art technically from the “how” versus the “why” perspective. On the flip side, Ish Muhammad grew up in NYC on the lower east side, surrounded continuously by public art and graffiti that emphasized the “why” versus the “how.” For Ish, “…being creative has always been a reality,” which has inspired his passionate graffiti work around the nation. Dip your paintbrush and shake up your paint cans as we learn about impressionistic art, the power of murals and graffiti, and Pamela and Ish’s work in Indianapolis. Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you this week with Pamela Bliss and Ish Muhammad.

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