Fashion is just trendy; this interview has STYLE. Show off your favorite outfit and find your light as Polina Osherov tells the story of Indianapolis' fashion magazine, PATTERN. While we sip on moonshine in her creative space, Polina shares how an industry gets started in a midwestern city. The pages of volume 14 flutter on the walls as she recounts how she found herself behind the camera after earning a medical degree (and never practicing), how she's overcome public speaking and dedicated 80+ hours a week to develop and lead the growth of a fashion community, and what Indianapolis needs to support the creatives it has. Her past, including growing up with a successful cinematographer in Russia as her father, moving to Australia and then to Chicago, allows Polina to bring a unique perspective behind the lens of her camera and her narrative. Drink deep of the culture around you with the story of Polina Osherov of PATTERN magazine.

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White Lighting 
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