Liz Prugh and Lindi Smith
Pure Fandom


What is Pure Fandom?
Your new favorite pop culture website on all things TV, movies, comics.

What is Fandom? 
Geeking out!  Feels!  

Began as Team Teen Supernatural Dramas - Team TSD
...(not to be confused with STD which is why they changed their name to Pure Fandom)
Started blogging about True Blood and Vampire Diaries
Entertainment Weekly reached out because they were the number one influencer of True Blood on Twitter. 

-They currently have 32 writers underneath the Pure Fandom website.  

How did the name Pure Fandom come about? 
-Purity, genuine writing.

Trial and Error - learning from other sites in the same space.  Learned a lot from Entertainment Weekly and other big players in the business.  

Lindi:  "Ask people for what you want and don't be too shy to do so... More people are willing to say yes to what you want so don't be afraid to ask."

"Screener" - Advanced screening of an episode.  Sometimes sent via dvd, file, or found on a press only landing page.  

How long have you known each other? 
Same high school, same college, but they didn't become friends till the end of college when they started to bond over movies and tv.  
Liz - ran Cross Country in high school and at IUPUI. 
Lindi - smoked pot in high school and at IUPUI.

Lindi- the social queen and editor.  
Liz- backend stuff. 'Everything but nothing.'

How does the business work?
Writers are not paid, BUT Pure Fandom supports them in their dreams of making this a full time job.  They will train them on Wordpress, send them to events, pay for hotels and travel. 
The business makes money on ads on the website.  They are also hired as 'talent' for big events such as Comic Con.  

Celebrity Moderators -  
Liz and Lindi both travel to events to sit on the stage as the facilitator of large interviews with many famous celebrities.  They hype of the crowd and will ask the questions to keep everyone interested. 
-Liz will be working with Kate Beckinsale at an event in Austin in a few weeks. 

Favorite Celebrities and Interviews
Dream Interview? 
Current favorite interview to date? 

David Tennant: Scottish Actor who stars in Doctor Who

Game of Thrones Theories


How do you organize your time?  
How do you make all this happen as mothers? 

-Each other.  Taking it step by step. 

Do you ever give up on shows? 
-The 5 episode rule!

'Riverdale' Talk - First season is on Netflix.  It is a CW show.  
'Mindhunter' - Also available on Netflix.  

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