Gather around our first Round Table. This week’s theme: Farmer’s Markets and farm-to-table food access. Featured is the Founder & Executive Director of Hoosier Farmer’s Market, Christina McDougall, the Director of Education and Outreach from Growing Places Indy, Kat Reiner, and the founder of Market Wagon, Nick Carter. Food is something that connects us all, so we dive deep in our discussion on the importance of farmer’s markets socially and environmentally, the food industry, and the transition from local foods to Supermarkets and back to local, not processed foods. We pose and answer the question “Why is food at the supermarket so cheap?” and provide tips on how to get more involved in the local food scene, even on a budget. Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you this week with the story of Farmer’s Markets at our Round Table with Christina, Kat, and Nick. 

Christina McDougall - Hoosier Farmer's Markets
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