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2016 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon:

(1:50) How to nose a whiskey? Give us some educational tidbits.  
Get in there and keep your mouth open while breathing it in. 

(3:55) What notes to you get from the Old Forester Birthday Bourbon? 
Ray:  Some cinnamon and bubble gum. 

(6:00) If someone brings in a bottle to share with you, do you allow that? 
Yes, as long as you keep it within a limit and just tasting. 

(6:15) Explain what the 'Kentucky Chew' is?

Barrell Bourbon Batch #11
*not out of Carolina.  Sourced product*

(13:03) Will you ever get a chance to get a barrel pick from Old Scout?  

Willett Family Estate: 13 Year Bourbon : Batch #3658

(18:36)  Do you think there will be a bourbon recession?  
No, there is still the under 30 group that is not into bourbon yet.  Starting to grow more and more.  

(20:52)  Do you think Indianapolis can host a great bourbon bar in the likes of Jack Rose or Delilah's? 
Absolutely! We have so many steak houses that a bourbon specific bar could easily make it. 


Peerless Distilling
Sweet, Fruity, Earthy

Sweet - green apples, candy corn. 

(28:20) What was your favorite bourbon back in the day? 
Old Grand Dad 114

(30:30) What is your favorite steak house here in Indy?
Morton's Steak House

Fruit - banana, bakery, cinnamon roll

(33:10)  Favorite Restaurants in the area? 
Working Man's Friend, The Great Divide, and the Love Handle

Earth - the nose is !!!! fresh tilled dirt :)

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