Eilise Lane
CEO & Head Brewer

Website: https://www.scarletlanebrew.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scarletlanebrew/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/scarletlanebrew/

7724 Depot St
McCordsville, Indiana
(near Geist: 5 minutes from Fortville)

Oregon Inspired - Indiana Brewed
Began Scarlet Lane Brewing Company three years ago.  (May 2014)
- Originally from Greencastle, IN
- Graduated with a Marketing Degree from Butler University
- Parents live in Astoria, Oregon

Lived in Euguene, Oregon (Home of Nike) 
(Book reference: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight)
- The Whitaker Neighborhood: "The other side of Eugene" = Lots of Hippies = Lots of Homeless People
(Book reference: Quarter Life Crisis)

"What Are You In To" vs. "What Do You Do For A Living" Mentality. 

Two Pivotal Moments that led Eilise to brewing. 
1) "She's not here"
2) Husband (Nick) purchased her a home brew kit and she smiled for the first time in a really long time.  
- She believed she needed to bring this feeling and the Oregon brewing styles back to Indiana.  

First beer that started everything was a stout at Bend Brewing Company, by Tonya Cornett.  (Eilise's brew-hero!)
First beer made in her kitchen, Sunrise IPA, full grain. Made a mess in her kitchen and she drank it. 

Studied at Butler to be a pharmacist. 
Proud to be a Butler grad as they were very supportive of her endeavor. 

Female Brewer in a Male Dominated Industry
-Starting in Oregon made the transition easier. 
-Physically not built like a man but can still get the job done. 
-"Is Nick really the head brewer?" 

Being a Woman! and Being the CEO and Head Brewer
"Why Don't You Wear a Dress?"
Investors - ALL WOMEN (except for one male five percenter)

History of Women in brewing. 

Eilise's Horror Persona = Bride of Frankenstein
Why the horror theme behind Scarlet Lane? 
-Scarlet Lane was named after Eilise's dog, Scarlet. 
-First delivery vehicle was a hurst. 

Beer Talk - The Story & Personas of Her Beer
Dorian Stout

Why Australian Hops? 
-Traveled abroad to Australia while at Butler University. 
Laughing Water Australian Sparkling Ale
Asteria Australian IPA


'Starting a Brewery Page' - https://www.scarletlanebrew.com/starting-a-brewery
-Providing a forum to help those wanting to start a brewery. 
-No need to recreate the wheel. 

The Sinking Ship!  Eilise's second home.  


Horrorhound Ale - Sponsored beer

Favorite Scary Movies

Tasting Time!
Laughing Water - Australian Style
Asteria - As it warms up you will get more of the bite from the hops.  
Spend time with your beers when they are cold and also when they are warming up.  



Thank you to the Sinking Ship for allowing us to record on site.