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Whats your story?
Originally from Birmingham, AL - classy southern, no accent
Went to school for dance, because she was #sogood
Knew dance wasn’t for her in Chicago and worked for Lululemon instead
Goal setting started with her parents
Set a goal with Jared to move from Chicago and open a Crossfit gym
Left Chicago for Indy and the rest is history

Where did it all start?
Dance in college and shitty body image
Hit a teacher with a ball, said this is BS
A lot of broken people come to yoga
Started Yoga class in college with Swami Doug and his banana hammock
Doug talked about philosophy on top of just practicing yoga

The change
Quit Lululemon, due to goal setting
Started with Salesforce because of Kevin…. oh Kevin
Learned about crisis management and complexity of business while at Salesforce
Then left Salesforce because she wanted to open a yoga studio
First full time employee at Naptown fitness (not named Peter or Jared)

Bigger changes
Left the small space on Delaware
Opened up the yoga garage at 922 Capitol. 
Goals aren’t always things that you write down, the universe is listening
Took a 500 hour certification in LA

Where did the name practice Indie come from?
Practice = Repetitive action
Indie = Entrepreneurship, self ownership. Being your best self
Practicing being your best self every day, whatever that looks like

How do you manage separation and running a business with your other half?
Literally left salesforce to spend more time with Peter
The thought was to work together to see each other more
Work together well because they want to be around each other
No “shut off times” but it’s in conversation

Goal setting session
You need 3 things: Paper, pen, and calendar

Starting with the rules:
No attachment
Self study / check-ins
Surrender. Surrender to something higher than yourself 

The universe is rallying for all of us to be the best we can be. Accept that you are deserving of your best life possible. 
If you are going to be on this Earth, you better make it count. Ask yourself, if I were to die tomorrow what would I do today?

First, we start with a meditation

Find yourself in a comfortable seat with your feet on the ground and your back tall
Close your eyes
A palm or both palms open. You are now open to possibility. 
Imagine yourself 3 years from now…..

Need to be quantifiable
Ask yourself, am I doing it because I want it or am I doing it because it looks good?
Are you willing to do the work to get there?
Are the stakes high enough?

Smart Goals:
Specific: Be clear. 
Measurable: Can you measure it. 
Affirmative: Write it as if it is happening or has already happened. 
Realistic: Don’t send mixed signals to the earth. 
Timely: Have a “by when” date in your calendar

Write a “don’t do” list
This is a list of what you need to stop doing today in order to make your goals happen. 

Write new habits
Read Brian Tracy books
10% rule. Everyday be 10% better
To achieve your goals you have to build new habits!

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