From Margaritaville to Bluebeard and Amelia’s, Tom Battista has mastered being successful at just about anything he sets his mind to. Tom grew up in Indianapolis as the middle child of seven and grew up to protest in DC against the Vietnam war while attending Indiana University. Just before moving into the cabin full-time, Tom was asked to help with a rock festival at Bush Stadium. He learned how to be a great stage manager and followed the crew to tour with artists including David Bowie, Parliament Funkadelic and currently, Jimmy Buffet. Between tours, Tom would always come back to Indy and invest in the city. Today, he still tours with Jimmy Buffett and owns buildings and businesses on Mass Ave and Fountain Square. And, most recently, the Kan Kan. Break off a piece of an Amelia’s baguette as you learn about placemaking, what it’s like to drive Jimmy Buffet’s plane, and how Indy has grown in the last 20 years from one of the city’s best. Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you this week with Tom Battista.

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