Local biz enthusiast + Indy adventurer = Niki Kingston and Brittany Smith. These culture-loving world travelers are employed through Yelp's platform to take online users offline using events and PR to connect users with local businesses. Niki and Brittany put their creative minds and marketing tools to work to make the most incredible events a reality, including inviting people to share local meats and cheeses off of a 100 ft. charcuterie board in the Market Catacombs and blowing up 1,000 innertubes for people to float down the canal while being handed local drinks and snacks. Their goal as Community and Regional Managers for Yelp is to highlight and share the stories of the businesses that make Indianapolis unique! Learn about how Yelp is engaged in the community, how you can get involved as a reviewer or business, and where to find these cool events! We even open up discussion around Yelp's review platform and how to best manage good and bad reviews, including how to debunk ones that aren't true. Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you this week with Niki Kingston and Brittany Smith from Yelp Indy!

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Yelp Indy x Drink Culture Podcast
The list of all the local businesses and events mentioned during this episode, all bookmarked in one place! 

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Mango Lassi - Chapati 

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