Adam Odgaard
-Born and raised in Indianapolis

What is Luft?
-E-commerce Website
-Wanted to create a business based around Apple. 
-Products that complement the main Apple products. 
-Minimalist in nature.

luft case
luft cbl

Early Hustle:
-Went to Ball State
-Ran a car detailing business while in college. 
-Adam would come home on the weekends and run his business.

Still works a full time job while running Luft.

Obstacles with Luft:
-Manufacturing issues creating molds.
-$22,000 per mold x 2 Molds = Oh My!
-3D Printing Costs
-Thoughts in your head to making something a reality.

Gary Vaynerchuk – Celebrity Sighting
“Actions Speak Louder Than Words”
Gary V’s Facebook Page

Max Odgaard (left - brother), Adam Odgaard (middle), Gary V. (right) 

Travel Time!
-       Family is from Denmark. 
-       Returns to Denmark consistently.
-       There are beaches outside of Florida and California.
-       Travel once by yourself to learn about yourself.
-       Passport is out of pages – humble brag!
-       How to schedule a day while traveling.

Why Indianapolis?
-How Indy has changed.
-Standard of living compared to a larger city.
-Growth of the city.
-Midwestern feel.  Friendly. Genuine People.


What movie gets you most excited for summer?
What is your go to summer drink?
The best patio in Indianapolis?
What is your favorite summer activity?   


Tasting Time:  Winner Is?
Old Grand Dad 114
Old Forester 1920 – Whiskey Row Series