We experienced technical difficulties on this episode but the content from David was so amazing that we had to publish it.   Accept our apologies in advance for Fabian’s audio being low.   This won’t happen again.


David McIntyre
West Fork Whiskey Co.
Culver Military Academy Alum – along with Fabian
From Bedford, IN (along with the two other co-founders)

Blake Jones
Julian Jones

To start a whiskey distillery that is nationally recognized from the state of Indiana.

Three Whiskies on the Market:
The Colonel – Bourbon
Double Down - Corn Whiskey
2 Hour Delay – Un-aged Corn Whiskey

Favorite Distillery: Buffalo Trace
Favorite Bottle: William Larue Weller

Biggest Obstacles Getting Started:
Money – budget and boot strapping. 
Red Tape – Indiana Legal System. 

The Good: Turning Point…

The Bad: THE ALCOHOL LAWS!!!  The headaches! The hustle!

 Production and Tasting Room Development
-Kennedy King Neighborhood
-Across the street from Cannon Ball Brewery
-17th and Bellefontaine
-Goal: Open in the Fall to serve the public.
-NUVO Article

Where To Buy!